Farmhouse Glamour Meets Traditional Elegance in Upper Saddle River NJ Home

Combining different styles and personalities are a fun and modern approach to creating a unique contemporary look in home design. Our clients adored the farmhouse style, but wanted to add touches of glamour to give a more luxurious and updated feel to their home. We started with a light color palette, then added dark woods and soft fabrics to create a cozy country interior vibe. All casework and molding details were designed in a traditional farmhouse style, and painting them white will keep the space feeling refreshed and contemporary.

Classic Columns Millwork Custom Interior Design Upper Saddle River NJ Jennifer Pacca Interiors Featured

Open concept floor plan is a rapidly growing trend in interior design, but defining each space can be a challenge. Choosing a large sectional in a beautiful accent color is the perfect way to break up each space. The heart of the home can be busy, so finding a way to separate spaces adds visual balance and still allows flow.

Creating a custom built in for storage, tv and fireplace is the perfect way to add visual details to a double story living area. Detailed casework and shelves are not only functional, but timeless.

Open Double Height Living Area Custom Design Upper Saddle River NJ Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Farmhouse style meets glamour in this all white open kitchen design. The custom cabinets and countertops are in a white palette. The dark wood floors contrast and ground the kitchen space. A traditional farmhouse table and chairs define but do not visually separate each area. Above, an oversized industrial crystal chandelier allows all day sunlight to bounce around evenly and create movement.