Farmhouse Modern Home Design in Montvale, NJ

This formerly outdated home needed a complete redesign, and our clients gave us free rein to recreate their entire home into a dreamy and modern sanctuary. Modern architectural elements are mixed with contemporary furniture and a refreshing color palette to create a luxurious and inviting home. We layered fabrics and textures to add drama and personality to each space. In the end, our clients could not have been happier, and this special modern home design in Montvale will forever be timeless. and special design to us

MONTVALE, New Jersey
Open Plan Modern Living Room Montvale Home Design by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

The open concept family room offers many spaces for many different experiences. The floor to ceiling windows bring in natural light, and they allow our clients to ‘experience the weather’ without stepping outside. Traditional design elements are present throughout, such as the coffered ceiling, but we have them a contemporary update by painting them white. The modern accent wall in a decorative stone mosaic reinforces the color palette and demands your attention, where as rich fabrics bring coziness and warmth to the space.

The design of a foyer sets the tone for the rest of the home. We kept this color palette light and neutral, which allowed the décor to speak for itself. A contemporary starburst chandelier adds a touch of glamour, and so does a chic leopard custom stair runner.

Tranquil Custom Home Office Design by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

The elegant calm continues in the home office design.  The mixture of  soft blues and whites bring a tranquil and inviting vibe. What better way to get some work done than by surrounding yourself with colors of tranquility? Whites, light blues, and neutral elements are present throughout and tie the details together. The custom cabinetry offers ample storage, as well as under cabinet lighting for the perfect evening ambiance. Adding this window seat brings some coziness, and maybe even an invitation for some relaxation. Take a break! You deserve it.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream! Rebuilding from the ground up, we created a minimal and modern kitchen with mid-century vibes. Less architectural details allow the overall design to speak for itself, and make for maximum functionality and easy clean up. White is the dominating color, so the high contrast of the ebony cabinetry breaks up the space and brings drama. Our clients loved the modern pendants and chandeliers, and the minimal design allows the smaller accents to speak a little louder.