Functional Glamour in Paramus, NJ Home

Investing in your first home is a meaningful opportunity, and we absolutely love helping new homeowners accomplish their home design goals. It can sometimes be a challenge to learn what your personal design style is, and can even be stressful to combine it with your partner’s. Part of our goal at JPI is to take these burdens away from you, and encourage you to enjoy the process of creating your special space. Natural light was important to our first-time home buyers, as well as function and lifestyle. Adding eclectic furnishings and experimenting with colors and materials are what brought this home to life. All while making sure that the home is a reflection of our client’s personalities and lifestyle. Who says function can’t be glamorous? We sure didn’t!

PARAMUS, New Jersey
Functional Glamour in Master Bedroom Design by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

We love a dramatic entry, because there is no better place to make a first impression in a home. In this foyer, classic architectural elements are complimented with a glamorous oversized chandelier, which is the perfect match for these high arched windows. These features create the best recipe for sunlight to bounce around freely throughout the day. While white trim and warm grays give a soft contrast and allow for a refreshed, contemporary look. Taller design elements are highlighted in dark woods to give visual vertical balance.

A glamorous dark gray master bedroom is a welcoming sanctuary. It’s proven that dark colored bedrooms can help us relax, unwind, and sleep better. So, that means it is the perfect place to add some drama. Dark colors with deep tones, like this warm gray, give an immediate feeling of luxury, and we reinforced the design with rich textures and tufted furniture pieces. The window drapery design is minimal, but the starburst chandelier adds glamour and personality to the room.

Oversized Chandelier Glam Foyer with Custom Moldings and Arched Window in Paramus Home Design by Jennifer Pacca Interiors
Comfortable Glamour in Double Height Living Room of Paramus NJ Home Interior Design by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

In the open plan family room design, we defined open spaces by highlighting key architectural features and adding oversized furniture pieces. Because we wanted the windows to speak for themselves, soft curves are present throughout, complimenting the oversized Palladian window. While custom white draperies add to the illusion of height and movement. An oversized sectional sofa grounds the space, and it’s low back gives sunlight free reign to dance around. The finishing touch is the walnut side tables we combined into one cocktail table. They not only bring warmth to the space, but also add more functionality. The tables can be easily moved and look great anywhere, proving that functionality can be luxurious and can grow with your family.

We then turned a long and narrow space into a functional dining room not by eliminating its challenges, but by embracing them. Choosing furniture pieces, like a rectangular farmhouse table, add to the illusion of horizontality. This design creates a functional flow and a more visually appealing space. The sideboard and crystal chandelier not only compliment the shape of the room, but their reflective materials give the illusion of a larger space. Oversized chairs in a rich fabric add a formal, elegant feel.